How UVC Works

UVC Tech

The benefits of ultraviolet as a disinfectant are well established. UV germicidal lamps have been used in care homes, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other settings that require exacting hygiene standards for many years. Ultraviolet has been used as a tool for disinfection for almost a century particularly in the treatment of waste and drinking water. With the global spread of COVID-19, there’s a renewed focus on the role that UVC, in particular, can play in the fight back against the pandemic. With chemical disinfectant being laborious to apply and potentially toxic to humans and the environment, alternative approaches are being applied.

UVC vs. Traditional Disinfection

Traditional disinfection styles have been adopted for centuries, but the question is, "are they good enough?

UV Doses Required - Research

Published data on the Ultraviolet (UV) dose-response of various organisms that are pathogens, indicators, or organisms encountered in the application, testing of performance, and validation of UV disinfection technologies.